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Through Connected Medication Management


As the global aging population continues to rise, the cost of care is increasing, and the number of available carers and care facilities cannot keep up with the demand. At Hark Medical, we believe that a healthy patient is a happy patient.


That's why we're committed to helping carers and institutions improve patient outcomes by enabling better medication management. Our device helps to keep patients healthier and more independent for longer, which is better for everyone involved.

At Hark Medical, we're passionate about helping patients live healthier, more independent lives. That's why we've created a comprehensive solution to medication management with a device that stores and dispenses scheduled medication, along with alerts and reminders to ensure medication compliance.


Our software platform can easily integrate into any existing care management platform, enabling carers and institutions to focus on other aspects of care while our device helps to reduce errors, increase patient outcomes and ultimately improve quality of life.

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Hark Medical Products

Solutions to solve the global problem of only 50% adherence to prescribed medication in homes & care institutions.

The problem costs the world $100b per annum in;

  • Increased hospitalisation

  • Under/over resourcing

  • Extended compliance burden 

Our Customers

  • Home Care Providers to improve compliance

  • NDIS participants to self-manage their medication

  • Residential Aged Care to support Care Staff

  • Community Pharmacy to optimise re-ordering

  • Corrections services to customise medication dispensing

  • Hospitals to optimise staffing and increase compliance

Our Products


*Pre-Production PrototypeTRL7 device


*Pre-Production PrototypeTRL7 device

Our Products
Our System

Our System

Sytem Features

System Features


Medication Schedule

HCSP/Pharmacist pre-loads recommended dose window

Reminders & Alerts

Captured data of opening and closing time for each event

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Biometric Smart Lock

Activation by user via touch/Biometric (User fingerprint)

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Dose Transaction

Automated monitoring & counting of each sachet that is dispensed

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Data & analytics at point of dose; BP/HR/Respiratory Rate

About Us


As a team we are a very connected group of specialists who bring passion, drive and community into everything we do. 

We believe in our diversity collectively creating value that is greater than the mere sum of our capabilities. Individually we achieve excellence but collectively we aim to deliver change!


To be the most connected, continuous and convenient consumer health electronics provider in the world.


To contribute positively and progressively to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals;

UNSDG #3 - Good health and wellbeing for all

UNSDG #9 - Industry, innovation and Infrastructure

UNSDG #12 - Responsible consumption and production


Healthcare is dynamic, therefore advancing connectivity and convenience will result in better healthcare experiences and outcomes.


Our design philosophy is based on balancing between aesthetic, regulatory and economic requirements. We aim for our solutions to be the meeting point of all stakeholders in healthcare provision.

Target Impact

Increase medication adherence to >80%

Reduce dose induced hospitalisations by 50%

Reduce the risk of death by 50%

About Us

Meet The Team

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Nick Howard

Co-Founder + Managing Director

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Taf Shaamano

Co-Founder + Executive Director

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Darius Ignasiak

Co-Founder +
Non-Executive Director 

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Aron Steg


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Rachel 2.png

Rachel Chaiet


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MattWade Email Profile.JPG

Matt Wade

Design Director

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Nicky Profile Pic.png

Nicky Howard

Finance Manager

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