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A comprehensive medication management  system featuring:

  • Pharmacist-prepared multi-dose sachets

  • Secure medication storage

  • Scheduled dispensing with timely
    alerts & reminders


  • Comprehensive adherence tracking & reporting for all stakeholders.

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At Hark Medical, we're passionate about helping patients live healthier, more independent lives. That's why we've created a comprehensive solution to medication management with a device that stores and dispenses scheduled medication, along with alerts and reminders to ensure medication compliance.


Our software platform can easily integrate into any existing care management platform, enabling carers and institutions to focus on other aspects of care while our device helps to reduce errors, increase patient outcomes and ultimately improve quality of life.

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As the global aging population continues to rise, the cost of care is increasing, and the number of available carers and care facilities cannot keep up with the demand. At Hark Medical, we believe that a healthy patient is a happy patient.


That's why we're committed to helping carers and institutions improve patient outcomes by enabling better medication management. Our device helps to keep patients healthier and more independent for longer, which is better for everyone involved.

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